ANM Ajuste a la Radicación de Solicitudes de Autorizaciones Temporales – 1 de noviembre de 2023

The National Mining Agency ANM informs that as of November 1, 2023, all persons interested in requesting Temporary Authorizations, whether as a territorial entity, public entity, company or public works contractor, must request user activation via email: in order to file on the Ann A Mining platform.

The National Mining Agency may grant Temporary and Non-transferable Authorization only to: territorial entities, public entities, companies or public works contractors. With the sole purpose of:

To build, repair, maintain and improve national, departmental or municipal public roads or for the realization of a transportation infrastructure project declared of public interest by the National Government, in rural properties, neighboring or adjacent to the work.
They may only exploit the construction materials needed for such work, for a maximum term of 7 years and that are not more than 50 km away from the work.
The temporary authorizations restrict the applicants to commercialize the extracted materials, since these are for public use and of common interest.

The following must be taken into account for the authorization:

First: to access the AnnA Mining filing, interested parties must previously request the authorization of their user, through the e-mail, attaching the documents that prove their legal capacity to submit the Temporary Authorization, according to the requirements of law.

Second: the following are the documents with which you may demonstrate your legal capacity, as a territorial entity, public entity, company or public works contractor, for the authorization of the user in the AnnA Mining platform:

– In case of acting as a territorial entity or public entity, it must accredit such condition with the documents of the legal representative, such as, identification document, deed of possession and/or administrative act of appointment in case of applying.

– In the event of acting as a company or public works contractor, it must prove its legal capacity as a works contractor, providing a copy of the public works contract in force and registered in the SECOP, as well as the contract initiation act.

Third: only users who demonstrate the legal capacity to submit a request for temporary authorization in accordance with the requirements established by law will be authorized. Once the user has been authorized, the application may only be filed in the AnnA Minería platform by the person who submitted the documents for authorization and not by third parties.


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